Lakes of natural beauty

The Plitvice Lakes National Park has found its place on the UNESCO World Heritage List, blessed as it is with the special natural beauty of a string of lakes and waterfalls, where murmurs die and are reborn, through everlasting change. The opportunity to experience this unrepeatable moment in this natural gallery should not be missed.

Stunning Waterfalls at Plitvice Croatia

The primary destination in Croatia

With a surface area of 294.82 km2, Plitvice Lakes National Park is the largest of Croatia's eight national parks, just before the unique complex of island of the National Park Kornati. Plitvice lakes was proclaimed a National park in 1949, also making it the oldest national park in Croatia. In 1979, Plitvice Lakes national Park was included in the UNESCO list of World Natural Heritage sites. You can book apartments at Plitvice Lakes here!

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Plitvice lakes from bird view

Dynamic park

The lakes are known for their cascades and the ongoing biodynamic process of tufa formation under specific ecological and hydrological conditions. Tufa or travertine is a porous carbonate rock formed by the sedimentation of calcium carbonate from water. It builds barriers, sills and other forms in karst rivers and steams. The travertine formation process is especially prominent in the Plitvice Lakes waterfalls and is constant, happeningeven while visitors are enjoying their walk through the park.

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Plitvice park and its virgin forest

The richness of the flora

The broader zone of the national park hides rich forest and meadow habitats with many diverse species of plants and animals. The forest communities are predominantlymade up of beech and fir. Of particular note is „Čorkova uvala“, a virgin beech-fir forest, one of the most beautiful virgin forests in Europe.

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Plitvice butterflie

To date 1267 different species of plants including 75 endemic plants and 55 different speacies of orchids, have been recorded in the park, gives a good overall picture of the richness of the flora. Studies to date in the park area have recorded 321 species of butterflies, 161 species of birds and 21 species of bats, indicating the richness of the animal world here. Of the carnivores, the most attractive inhabitant of the Plitvice forests is the brown bear (Ursus arctos). Visit the official bos-ko apartments in Rovinj at:

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